Our Global Reach

26253 Students

11 Countries

838 Teachers

90 Schools

2989 Tablets

How we do it

Partnering with primary schools

We partner with primary schools and support disadvantaged children who lack access to quality education.

The primary schools we partner with go through an application process to take part in our edtech programme. This allows us to evaluate their eligibility and commitment to the BF Schools Edtech Programme.

Sustainability is the driver of our edtech programme in schools. We provide technology and educational content but we also dedicate a significant focus to the training and support of educators to ensure schools are digitally independent and the programme continues for years.

What We Offer

We focus on a complete programme including hardware, educational content, continued teacher training and leadership capacity building to set up our schools for success and sustainability. Our programme enables schools to become autonomous in 2 years. We support them with:

Sustainability: Three success factors


We have an inherent understanding of the contexts we work in.
Considerations for us include

  • child safety
  • Internet connectivity,
  • Access to electricity,
  • unstable political environments
  • Teacher prior learning
  • Resource shortages and capacity,
  • Displacement from war & conflict
  • Ongoing school disruptions as a result of the global pandemic.


We provide 2 years minimum commitment to schools and local partners. We begin with rigorous support and gradually adapt as educators become more confident to prepare them to be digitally confident and literate. At the end of 2 years, educators are eligible for autonomous status whereby they can independently run the program if we were to step away.

Training Model

Our training model is adaptive and agile and includes workshops, classroom support, co-teaching delivered either remotely, in person, in training clusters and via cascaded learning.
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